My Theater Resume


Die Meistersinger  - Street Fighter - Cincinnati Opera

Dead Man Walking  - Victims of the crime - Cincinnati Opera

Deadlines  - the Mute - Performance Gallery

Chasing the Wolf  - Eli Cooper - Performance Gallery

Edward II  - Ensemble -  Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati

Skirmishes - Tony - Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati

Alice in Wonderland - Ensemble -  Cincinnati Opera (Outreach)

Woycecked and Left for Dead - Carol  - Performance Gallery

Images of a Beating Heart - Ensemble -  Performance Gallery

Hidden In This Picture - Craig  - Ovation Theatre

The Dwarfs  - Len -  Bard Alley Theatre

Love and War - Ensemble - Bard Alley Theatre

Tall Tales  - Ensemble -  Janus Project

Yuletide Tall Tales  - Ensemble -  Janus Project

Cyrano de Bergerac  - Lingerie/Ensemble - StageFirst

The Dumbwaiter  - Gus - Northern Kentucky University

Waiting For the Milkman - Billdan - Performance Gallery

Entertainment Tonight Live - Stage manager /intern -  Paramount Parks Kings Island

RetroActive - DJ -  Paramount Parks Kings Island

Stun Zone -  Ensemble -  Paramount Parks Kings Island


A Betrothal -  Ovation Theatre

A Thurber Carnival - School for Creative and Performing Arts

Naomi in the Living Room -  Performance Gallery

Hidden In This Picture -  Ovation Theatre

The Dutchman -  Know Theatre

Speed the Play - Ovation Theatre


Guys and Dolls  - Choreographer  -  Earlham College

Hamlet - Choreographer  - School for Creative and

Performing Arts

The Maids - Choreographer - Performance Gallery

Night Train -  Choreographer - Earlham College

Stunt Zone - Company Manager  - Paramount Parks Kings Island

Dead Man Walking -Fight Captain -  Cincinnati Opera

Romeo and Juliet - Fight Captain - Cincinnati Opera

Children of Eden - Choreographer -  Footlighters

Woycecked  - Fight Captain -  Performance Gallery


School for Creative and Performing Arts  Drama Teacher Grades (4 – 8)

CCM Prep Department  Drama Teacher ages (8-10)

Earlham College  Intro to Stage Combat

School for Creative and Performing Arts  2 Day Stage Combat Colloquium


BFA in Dramatic Performance from the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music 2000

Dramatic Performance Major from the School for Creative and Performing Arts 1991