Shoot Details

What To Bring To The Shoot

Bring your outfits. (No need to bring shoes for each outfit. If we do a true "head to toe" shot it will only be for one or two outfits. So only bring shoes for one or two outfits.) 

Bring a laptop or a USB memory jump drive with at least 8 gigs free to put your pictures onto after the shoot. 

Bring your payment in cash or a money order only, please.

Bring make-up if we think more is needed. For you guys maybe a razor and shaving cream.(Some guys are doing a "stubble" look and then a clean shaved look.) 

Bring a jacket or something that you can put on and take off fast. (I do not consider putting a jacket on a "look".) 

DO NOT bring your entire family. A Mom and Dad is fine, or a husband or a wife is fine as well. (I do ask you to please only bring one or 2 people. We do not want to take up more space than we need to.)


About getting your images

Getting Your Images

I give all of the photos to you right after the session onto a laptop or a USB memory stick (which ever you bring)  About transferring the images:  To transfer the photos... If you bring a laptop the transfer goes much faster than if you just bring a USB memory stick.  If you bring a laptop then all I have to do is connect my camera to your laptop and transfer.  If you bring a USB memory stick I will have to first transfer them onto my laptop and then transfer them onto your memory stick.  If you bring your laptop the transfer takes about 5 min.  If you only bring a USB stick it takes 10 to up to 15 or 20 min depending on the transfer speed of the USB stick.  Just food for thought. 

I prefer to be paid in cash.  Because I am giving you the photos the day of the session.  Once you have them you own them.  If you need ideas as to what to wear feel free to look though my website galleries or on my Facebook galleries as well. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.