my work resume


Summary of Qualifications:

I have worked extensively in the Entertainment, Education, IT and Audio/ Video Technology industries. I currently own and operate my own photography business where I have worked extensively with clients from the leading talent agencies in the Cincinnati area.

Work Experience

2004 – Present
Owner and Operator of TARENFRAZIER.COM – Cincinnati, OH.

  • Owner, Designer and website administrator of WWW.TARENFRAZIER.COM
  • Maintains website and update photo gallery and social media websites.
  • Maintains all booking and photo assignments.

2001 – 2013
 Instructor - Cincinnati Public Schools – Cincinnati, OH.

  • 2001 taught at the School for Creative and Performing Arts (Drama 4th & 8th Grades / 9th & 10th English)
  • Directed main stage spring production A Thurber Carnival
  • Substitute taught throughout the Cincinnati Public School district 2002 -2013.


After School and Day Camp Instructor– Let It Shine– Covington, KY.

  • Worked as a Drama and Photography teacher for ages 9-12

2008 – 2012
Photographer - Cincinnati Museum Center – Cincinnati, OH.

  • Photographer for the Difference Maker Awards.
  • Photographed the nominees as well as the Difference Maker Awards event.

Youth Programs Manager - Cincinnati Museum Center – Cincinnati, OH.

  • Managed a staff of over 20 employees for the Overnight and Birthday Party Programs.
  • Implemented a scholarship program for the Day Camps for one underprivileged child. 
  • Managed a staff of 4 for the 2008 Summer Day Camps.
  • Created, updated and managed all new programs for Day Camps, Overnights, and Birthday Party programs.

 2005-2008 (summers)
Day Camp Instructor – Cincinnati Museum Center – Cincinnati, OH.

  • Worked with team to organize and conduct daily actives with children ages 7-12.
  • Worked with team to implement and teach programs designed to educate and entertain.

2005 – 2007
Fight Chorographer - Instructor – Earlham College - New Richmond, IN.

  • Created and implemented 6-week stage combat safety seminar for theater students.
  • Staged 6 “Shakespearean Combat Scenes” for presentation following the seminar.
  • Work as Fight Chorographer for 2 main stage productions.

2005 – 2012
Photographer – John Robert Powers – Cincinnati, OH. (Traveling Photographer throughout the continental US)

  • Lead Photographer in charge of developing portfolio and comp cards for Children as well as adults.
  • Traveled the throughout the continental US to photograph models and actors.

 2006 – 2013
Photographer – White Photography – Cincinnati, OH.

2005 – 2006
Photographer / Acting Instructor - John Casablanca’s – Cincinnati, OH.

  • Lead Photographer in charge of developing portfolio and comp cards for children and young adults.
  • Taught Drama and audition techniques to children and young adults.

1999 – 2001
Tour Manager / Super Captain / Fight Captain - Cincinnati Opera – Cincinnati, OH.

  • Tour manager and Performer for 2000 Outreach program.
  • Super Captain for 2000 & 2001 seasons.
  • Fight Captain and Combat performer for 2001 season.

1997 – 2000
Talent Scout / Actor / Manager – Paramount Parks Kings Island – Cincinnati, OH.

  • Managed 3 shows during my employment.
  • Promoted to Talent scout in charge of opening new relationships with local colleges and theaters.
  • Coordinated the 1999 Audition Tour.
  • Performed in 3 productions during my employment.

BFA from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music- Dramatic Performance class of 2000 (3.2 GPA)

High school degree from the School for Creative and Performing Arts (Drama Major) 1991